Stand in love, don’t fall in love – Take Your Time

I recently released a music video for a song called “Take Your Time.” Yes, it is another LOVE song by yours truly. I used to be very reluctant to create and sing about too much love. And even when I wrote love songs, I would never record them or share it with anyone. I often felt like it made me soft and cliché, as if that’s the only topic that we women sing about…

10 Signs He’s Taking You For A Fool – Fool’s Paradise

10 Signs He's Taking You For A Fool - Fool's Paradise - Kelissa Anbessa

This one is for all the Queens out there, who have BEEN THROUGH IT with men, in big ways, and small. And this is also for all my Kings, who maybe need to check themselves. Because evolution won’t happen without you and, you also have a part to play in balancing out the male dominated energy on earth.