Spellbound Press Release

Released on 1.20.2017

“Spellbound” the second independent project from the soulful singer Kelissa, is an eleven track collaboration between the singer’s own label Anbessa Music and Natural High Music. Kelissa’s sweet and captivating vocals coupled with her songwriting epics prove to be the perfect compliment to the ethereal reggae blends.

Included are favorites like “Best Kept Secret”, an equally sweet and hard hitting record as well as “How Many More,” a powerful and moving acoustic ballad produced by Anbessa Music. The project also consists of exclusive tracks, including “Wake Up and Live” featuring Jesse Royal, “Take Your Time” a catchy classical reggae tune, a series of transitions that tell a mystical tale, and of course “Spellbound,” the title track for the project. These songs transition into two dub versions distinctive of Natural High’s unique sound. The beautiful melodies from Spellbound are accompanied by the sounds of a myriad of exceptional musicians and composers like Nambo Robinson on trombone, his son Nnamdi Robinson and Wayne Armond on lead guitar, Kazemde George on saxophone, and Hectar Lewis on percussion, just to name a few. The project is further refined by mixing engineers James “Bonzai” Caruso, Jamar “Chronixx” Mcnaughton, Claude “Weakhand” Reynolds and Gregory Morris.

This magical compilation of songs is enhanced by the captivating visuals, which speak volumes to themes of knowledge and wisdom, self-awareness and self love, womanhood and femininity, sensitivity and divinity, magic and enchantment, roots and culture, and is based on an 6×5 meter original painting by one of Jamaica’s most renowned visual artists, Nakazzi Hutchinson. Nakazzi also collaborated with Anbessa Music for the artistic direction for the “How Many More” music video, in which her mask sculptures act as a symbol for this solemn reflection. These expressive artistic components all combine to ensure that “Spellbound” immerses the listener in a world filled with texture and tone.

The hypnotizing harmonies together with a perfectly woven tapestry of live instruments, and visual stimulation, all succeed in taking the listener on a beautifully potent journey. With the unique soundscapes, musical style and creative interpretations, “Spellbound” promises to be a one of a kind musical experience.